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How do I record what is playing on my computer's speakers

Last Updated: Feb 20, 2019 10:31AM GMT
You record the output from your computer; either on its own or with microphone recording as well.

This is really useful for recording the audio from on-line presentations (VLE, iTunes-u, YouTube, TED), webinars, video conferencing and VOIP calls such as Skype.
Use this in conjunction with the Screen Capture feature to bring images in to your Audio Notetaker projects.

Recording Options.

Click on the down arrow below the record button to bring up the options menu.

The first option ‘Microphone Only’ is the standard setting and records from the computers built in microphone or an external one if you’re using one.

The second option ‘Microphone and Speakers’ will record both the microphone input and what is playing through your speakers. You should use this if you want to record a video conference or multi way conversation between yourself and someone on-line.

The third option 'Speakers Only' will just record the audio output from your computer (what you hear through the speakers). You should use this if you want to record an on-line presentation.

You can pick which of your computers devices to record from the 'Record From' option.

The option to Set recording level automatically is set on, by default; It will help to record your audio at a better and more consistent volume. If you want to manually adjust your recording levels then you will need to use your computers Audio options.


Home Tab

The Home Tab gives quick access to the three different recording modes. Click New Project on the left hand side and pick the option you need. We create a new project file with the correct options selected - you should still check Record From to make sure that the correct devices are being used.


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