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Transcription using Audio Notetaker

Last Updated: Feb 20, 2019 10:41AM GMT

You can set Audio Notetaker to play back one audio chunk at a time, allowing you to easily transcribe your recordings.

Click on the Pause Mode button in the Effects section of the toolbar or Audio>Pause Mode Playback.

Once in Pause Mode, playback will stop automatically at the end of every chunk (if longer than 2.5 seconds), and if you stop playback within a chunk, the playback position will automatically rewind 2 seconds.


Dragon NaturallySpeaking

If you have Dragon NaturallySpeaking installed on your computer then Audio Notetaker can utilise this to create text transcriptions direct from your recordings.

You will need Dragon Version 11 onwards and they only support their Premium or Professional Editions (The Home edition is not supported).

As with all Speech recognition the quality of the transcription will depend on how well the software has been trained to recognise the speakers voice - using Dragon on unknown voices will limit the quality of the transcription!

See here for more information on using Dragon in Audio Notetaker: 


Speechmatics Transcriptions

With the latest version of Audio Notetaker you can import transcriptions from Speechmatics.

You can either import the audio file in the normal way and if there is a Speechmatics transcription file in the same folder we import the text as well. Sections will be created when the speaker changes.

Or if you already have the audio in Audio Notetaker then you can just import the text - in this case we align the text with the sections already in your project.

See here for more information on importing transcriptions:  

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