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On-Screen Buttons - Recording, Capture and Playback

Last Updated: Sep 12, 2016 02:15PM IST


Used to start recording audio from the built in microphone, an external microphone, what is playing on your computers speakers or both microphone and speakers. Shortcut key Ctrl+R

Use the drop down arrow below the button to select which recording technique you need.

You can also choose to set the recording levels automatically during recording as well as choose which devices to record from.

The first option ‘Microphone Only’ is the standard setting and records from the computers built in microphone or an external one if you’re using one.

The second option ‘Microphone And Speakers’ will record both the microphone input and what is playing through your speakers. You should use this if you want to record a video conference or multi way conversation between yourself and someone on-line.

The third option 'Speakers Only' will just record the audio output from your computer (what you hear through the speakers). You should use this when recording on-line presentations.

Record From, allows you to pick which device to record. The default is to record from whichever devices have been set as the default in Windows, but you can choose any of your connected devices here.

The option to Set recording level automatically is set on, by default; It will help to record your audio at a better and more consistent volume. If you want to manually adjust your recording levels then you will need to use your computers Audio options (Windows XP users will need to set their recording levels manually).

Stop Recording

If you are recording, the record button (red circle) will change to this stop button (blue square).
Click it to stop recording. Shortcut key Ctrl+R


The capture button will open up the Screen Capture frame allowing you to grab still images from any area on your screen. Great for working with video presentations. See the tutorial on how to use Screen capture.


There are three controls.

The middle green button is the play button. Click it to begin playing your audio from wherever the Audio Pane Cursor is. Shortcut key Ctrl+Space (Space from Audio Pane).

The double arrows either side allow you to skip through your audio. 

The back arrows move the playback position to the beginning of the current chunk or the beginning of the preceding chunk. Shortcut key Ctrl+\ (left arrow from the Audio Pane).

The forward arrows move playback to the next chunk. Shortcut key Ctrl+/ (right arrow from Audio Pane)

Pause Playback

During playback the green play button will change to this blue pause button.

Click it to pause playback. Shortcut key Ctrl+Space (Space from the Audio Pane).

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