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On Screen Buttons - Effects

Last Updated: Sep 08, 2016 11:38AM IST


From these buttons you can control how your audio is played back to you. You can choose to export your audio with these setting applied. See Exporting for more information.


These buttons allow you to adjust how fast your audio is played back; ‘-‘ for slower and ‘+’ for faster.
Speed is remembered when you save your file.


This slider allows you to adjust the playback volume. 
Playback volume is remembered when you save your file - we remember the position when you have 'Adjust Volume Automatically' selected AND when you don't (See below).

Pause Mode

When you select Pause Mode the icon changes:

With Pause mode activated, Audio Notetaker will pause after every chunk (if longer than 2.5 seconds). If you stop playback during a chunk, play will resume 2 seconds earlier. This mode makes transcription much easier.

Audio Clean-Up

We have a number of features to allow you to optimise your audio during playback (and export), you can find the Audio Clean-up options on the toolbar. These features do not completely remove the noise as this can adversely affect the audio that you want to hear.
  1. Noise Cancellation - will reduce general background noise.
  2. Click Reduction - Suppresses the noise from your keyboard while typing and mouse clicks. Useful if you've recorded live into Audio Notetaker.
  3. Low Frequency Cut - Removes all low frequency sounds. (on by default)
  4. High Frequency Cut - Removes all high frequency sounds.
  5. Thinner - is a gradual reduction in low frequency sounds to produce a thinner sounding output.
  6. Brighter - Lifts a muffled speaker making it easier to understand what is being said.
  7. Adjust Volume Automatically - Switched on, this will automatically increase the volume of a recording. See Volume Control for more information. (on by default)
  8. Playback in Mono - This will combine left and right channels into a single channel. If you've recorded with Microphone and Speakers then both sides will be played together rather than one in each speaker.

Voice Shift

You can alter the voice of all the audio. This is useful where you have recorded yourself and you don't like listening to your own voice or if you have a hearing impairment and prefer to listen at a different pitch.

You can choose from any of the following:

  • Deepest
  • Deeper
  • Normal
  • Higher
  • Highest

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