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Last Updated: Apr 20, 2017 11:25AM IST

This User Guide has been taken from the Guide within Audio Notetaker.

You can access this from App Menu > Help > User Guide or click the question mark icon in the top right of the project tab.



What's New In this version?

In the latest version of AudioNotetaker we've made the Extract Text feature more discoverable, improved the recovery system, and included other small improvements and bug fixes.

The major new changes are:

  • You can now right-click on a slide and choose 'Extract Slide Text' to copy the text into the Text Pane or Reference Pane. We've also added the Extract Text option into the Image tab in the side panel.
  • Improved the reliability of the file recovery system.
  • Fixed a bug relating to copying and pasting PDF slides, which caused problems with saving.


Highlights from previous versions:

  • Screenreaders now announce the different panes
  • A new Accessibility Options menu, where you can choose whether to show the Home Tab on start-up
  • From the menu, you can also choose whether to always show the traditional Windows menu (the 'Alt menu')
  • Windows Microphone Enhancements are now disabled by default.



  1. Importing Audio - How to Make Notes from a Digital Recording
  2. Recording Live - Record Audio and Take Notes at the same time
  3. Importing Slides
  4. Screen Capture - Use Output Recording and Screen Capture to record an On-Line video
  5. Record a VOIP call
  6. Audio Replace
  7. Capture My Presentation - Use Audio Notetaker to record yourself practising a presentation

Reference Guide

  1. Audio Notetaker Tabs
  2. Recording Audio
  3. Importing Audio
  4. Audio Pane
  5. Colouring Tools
  6. Image Pane
  7. Text and Reference Panes
  8. Audio Notetaker Files
  9. Recovery System
  10. Settings
  11. Short Cuts

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  • Phone US: +1.202.657.4332
  • Skype: sonocent


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