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Reference Guide: 4.8 Audio Pane Shortcuts

Last Updated: Aug 24, 2016 10:50AM IST

You can use generic shortcut keys to control playback and positioning in the audio pane even when you are typing into the Reference or Text panes. However, it is usually easiest to change focus to the audio pane, so you can use the simplified set of focus-dependent shortcut keys.

If you begin typing whilst working in the Audio Pane the focus will temporarily change to the text pane to record what you are entering. See Typing in the Audio Pane for more information.


Generic Shortcut Keys


You can use these where ever you are working; Audio Pane, Text Pane, Reference Pane and Image Pane. But they always affect the chunk/section that the Audio Pane cursor is in.

  • Play/stop audio with Ctrl Space. You can skip forward or backwards between chunks with Ctrl / and Ctrl \.
  • Reduce speed with Ctrl - and increase speed with Ctrl =. If you do this whilst playing there will be a short delay before the change takes effect.
  • Colour a Chunk using Ctrl 1-5 (0 resets it to the default)
  • Colour sections using Ctrl 6-9 (Ctrl Shift 0 resets it to the default)
  • Add section breaks with Ctrl Enter

Focus-Dependent Keys


These shortcuts only take affect when focus is in the Audio Pane - The Pane header will turn blue when it has focus.

  • When the audio pane has focus, you can use the arrow keys or Page Up\Down to move around it, and SHIFT plus arrow keys or Page Up\Down to make selections for editing (see Editing Audio for more details). You can play and stop play with Space, and record and stop record with Ctrl R.
  • You also have simplified colouring shortcuts:
    • Colour Chunks with the number keys 1-5 (0 resets it to the default)
    • Colour Sections with the number keys 6-9
  • Add section breaks with Enter
  • Remove section breaks with Backspace (the behaviour of this changes when recording - see Sections)

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