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Reference Guide: 4.14 Editing Audio

Last Updated: May 11, 2017 12:17PM IST



As well as editing in the Text Pane and Reference Pane in the usual way, you can edit in the Audio Pane, or in all panes at once. Editing in the Audio Pane allows you delete, copy, paste, split and merge audio chunks. Editing in all panes allows you to cut, copy and paste whole sections (image, text and audio together).

If you have imported (rather than recorded) your audio, remember that editing in Audio Notetaker does not alter the original audio file itself in any way. But you can export the edited audio to a new audio file if you wish (see Export Audio).


Selecting Audio Chunks


You can use the mouse to select chunks by dragging it over the chunks you require. Alternatively, if the audio pane has focus, you can use SHIFT plus the arrow keys.


Selecting Sections


You can use the mouse to select sections by clicking in the audio pane and dragging it into the text pane. You can also use SHIFT PageUp\Down when the audio pane has focus, or CTRL ALT PageUp\Down from any pane.



Editing Features

  • Delete (DEL) - Deletes current selection. If nothing selected, deletes the chunk where the cursor is.
  • Cut (Ctrl X) - Puts selection on clipboard and then deletes it.
  • Copy (Ctrl C) - Puts selection on clipboard.
  • Paste (Ctrl V) - Replaces current selection with clipboard data. If nothing selected, inserts clipboard data (editing rules defines insertion point).

The Audio Side Bar also has the following options:

  • Split Chunk (Ctrl T) - Splits current chunk at cursor. If cursor is in or very close to silence, a transparent silence chunk is formed. This can be converted to a normal speech chunk by selecting "Default audio Colour" on the Audio Side Bar or just press (Ctrl+) 0.
  • Merge Chunks (Ctrl M) - Joins all selected chunks into one large chunk. If nothing is selected and cursor is in a silence, merges the chunks either side. Selected chunks have to be adjacent to each other in the original audio file.
  • Trim Silence - Reduces the silences between selected chunks to 0.8 seconds. If the silence is less than 0.8 seconds then it is unaffected. You will not be able to merge chunks after using Trim Silence.

All shortcuts can be found here: Shortcuts.


Editing Rules

  • Paste - When pasting, the audio pane must have focus. The pasted data will be inserted immediately after the section\chunk with the audio cursor. The only exception is when you have a Section Boundary Cursor . If you click before or above the start of an audio section, or press the “Home” key whilst in an audio section, you will get a special audio cursor . This will allow you to paste or insert a new section above, rather than below, or paste a chunk right at the start of a section.
  • Chunk Boundary - As far as the editor is concerned, half of the pauses either side of an audio chunk (as defined when the audio file is first segmented) are also part of the chunk. Be careful if you have the cursor in a pause when deleting\inserting chunks or pushing audio, the cursor may not actually be in the chunk you intended.
  • Continuous Audio in Chunk - A chunk can only contain audio that is continuous in the audio file. Therefore you cannot merge chunks where one or more have been deleted or where Trim Silence (see above) has been used.
  • Undo\Redo - You can undo or redo everything you do in Audio Notetaker using Undo and Redo from the tool bar or the usual keyboard shortcuts Ctrl Z and Ctrl Y.

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