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Audio Notetaker 4.2 (Windows) Release Notes

Last Updated: Aug 18, 2016 02:01PM IST
These are the release notes for Audio Notetaker Version 4.2 (Windows).

Audio changes 
  • The Audio Clean-Up menu has been updated to use our Clear Lecture™ processing suite; some functions have been renamed and two additional options added. The menu now has:
    • Noise Cancellation
    • Click Reduction
    • Low Frequency Cut
    • High Frequency Cut
    • Thinner
    • Brighter
    • Adjust Volume Automatically
    • Playback in Mono
  • Low Frequency Cut cuts off at 240hz
  • High Frequency Cut cuts off at 6.5kHz 
  • Thinner gradually reduces the volume of lower frequencies and is useful when the voice sounds boomy (e.g when recorded in a room with a PA).
  • Adjust Volume Automatically has been adjusted to amplify less on a noisy recording. 
  • Adjust Volume Automatically and Low Frequency cut are on by default.
  • Use Playback settings for export (Export Menu) is also on by default and will apply any audio effects to your exported audio.

In addition, the Opus Stereo setting for a speech-quality conversion has been increased from 64k to 96k. Similarly, the Stereo HQ recording setting in Audio Options has been increased from 64k to 96k, and the Stereo Extra HQ from 128k to 160k.

Other changes
  • Audio Notetaker  home tab and sidebar now appear correctly on high resolution devices such as the Surface Pro 4.
  • We have introduced logging of system usage to help us better understand how Audio Notetaker is being used and provide better service. 
  • DSA users are now asked to provide their assessment centre so that we can better support students and assessment centres.
  • Simplifications have been made to the user interface -
    • The active tab on the home page is highlighted
    • The source of the recording (Microphone, audio output, or both) is now shown in the project status bar.
    • Only user-imported audio Filenames now appear on the status bar.
    • The news pane on the Home tab is now hidden by default. The user is alerted by a callout when news items appear.
    • The image pane created in a new project tab is narrower, with an icon to indicate its use. It expands automatically when images are added.
  • The recent files list on the Home tab now has tooltips with the full file path.
  • System “Options” have been renamed “Settings” to align with modern usage.
  •  Audio Notetaker’s custom dictionary can now be used by Microsoft Word.
  • We have added the ability to download content from both Sonocent and 3rd party providers in the form of “content packs”. These can be a mixture of Audio Notetaker and other files, such as presentations or pdf files. They include the Audio replace tutorial, and will include Sonocent Study skills materials in the future.
  • We’ve added options to show the All Audio Files Tab and/or the All Projects Tab when Audio Notetaker starts
  • Simple Text tools (cut, copy,paste and delete) have been moved to the bottom of the side bar providing easier access to the Extract Text feature.
  • Additional options for applying voice effects to recordings.

  • Users who always show the Alt menu (a system setting), will also have the underlined short cut keys showing.
  • Improvements have been made to accessibility for screen-reader users.
  • The user can now select a coloured background, in their custom theme, for the toolbar, side bar, and below the project sections; removing white-space in the project workspace. 

  • Changing a Dragon profile from within Audio Notetaker occasionally failed. This is now fixed.
  • Selecting a chunk colour twice now always colours at least one chunk.
  • The arrow that allows the users to move to the recording position, was incorrectly  labeled while recording. This has been fixed.
  • A problem with stereo processing (that appeared to the user to be a noise cancellation issue) has been fixed.

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