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  • Tools Menu

    Tools Menu - all menu items can be accessed with the quick access keys (underlined). Other keyboard shortcuts ...

    Sep 14, 2016 04:29PM IST
  • Help Menu

    Help Menu - all menu items can be accessed with the quick access keys (underlined). Other keyboard shortcuts c...

    Sep 15, 2016 11:39AM IST
  • Short Cut Key Over View

    Audio Notetaker has numerous shortcut keys to help you edit your files. Please select the relevant link to th...

    Sep 15, 2016 11:40AM IST
  • Standard Shortcut Keys

    Alt : Opens Menus Ctrl C : Copy Ctrl V : Paste Ctrl X : Cut Ctrl F ...

    Sep 15, 2016 11:46AM IST
  • Audio Play Back and Formatting Shortcut Keys

    It is recommended that you work with focus in the Audio Pane; this allows you to use the simple shortcuts: ...

    Sep 15, 2016 11:48AM IST
  • Colouring Shortcut Keys

    When working with audio, it is much easier if you place the focus in the audio pane (cursor is orange) where y...

    Sep 15, 2016 11:50AM IST
  • Other Shortcut Keys

    Ctrl K : Import Audio File(s) Ctrl L : Copy All Text Ctrl H : Push Text Ctrl Shi...

    Sep 15, 2016 12:04PM IST
  • Shortcuts - Quick Access Keys tr td { padding:5px; } <style type="text/css">.odd {background-color:#C0C0C0; height: 20px;} ....

    Jan 29, 2017 06:16PM GMT
  • What do you call those blue audio bars? What are Chunks?

    In order to make it easy for you to work with your audio, we segment your audio into coloured chunks. The chun...

    Sep 15, 2016 04:36PM IST
  • Can I Check spelling?

    Yes. Check Spelling is an option in the Tools Button or Text Side Pane (or press F7), this is normally visibl...

    Sep 15, 2016 04:39PM IST

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