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How to import slides

Last Updated: Feb 20, 2019 10:31AM GMT
If you are going to be recording your presentation or lecture live, then its good practice to import your slides first. This gives you a visual guide; ensuring your audio lines up with the correct slides.

If you’re not recording live, then it is usually best to import slides after the audio so you can make sure that the slides and Audio line up!
You can import your slides in several ways.

     1.  From a project tab just click the import button on the tool bar (it’s the square with the arrow going in) and select ‘Import Slides’ from the drop down list.

     2. From the Home Tab select New Project -> Import slides:

     3.  Choose Import -> Slides or PDF  from the File Menu - Press Alt to bring up the traditional Windows menus.

Audio Notetaker can import slides from either Microsoft PowerPoint or from a PDF file.
To import from a PowerPoint file you must have PowerPoint installed on your computer.
When you have your slides (or images) in Audio Notetaker you can click and drag the images up and down lining them up with the correct section of audio.

If you click on the section break, between your slides, you can drag all the images below that line up and down.

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