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How to export audio

Last Updated: Feb 20, 2019 10:42AM GMT
There are four ways you can export audio from your document; click on the Export button on the tool bar or File > Export.

When exporting audio, you can choose whether to export with changes to your playback settings applied (enabled by default); Noise Cancellation, Speed, Volume etc.

1. Audio as Album

This option will export your notes file into a folder with a separate track for each section within your document.
The name of each track will be the first line of your text pane and any image will be added as the track artwork.

2. Album to iTunes

This option will perform the same action as above, however it will also add the folder to your itunes library.
See here for more information. And everything in your text and reference panes will be added as lyrics and any images as track artwork.

3. Selected Audio 

You can export selected chunks of audio into a single audio file.

Select a chunk or multiple chunks (this can be from one or many sections of your document) and click the export button on the tool bar (or right click) and choose Selected Audio.

You will then be able to choose a filename and format for the exported file.

A single audio file will be created containing all the highlighted audio.

4. Audio and Images as Video

You can export selected chunks or your whole file as an MP4 or WMV video file (Windows 7/8/10 only). A video file is created with your audio and any images in the sections.

You will be able to select the resolution of the video and format you want to export to.

Video export can take several minutes to complete, depending on the specification of your PC, the resolution chosen and the duration of your audio.

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