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Reference Guide: 10.1 Themes

Last Updated: May 10, 2017 12:51PM IST

Audio Notetaker comes with a number of Themes that you can choose from. Each Theme changes the default chunk colour and section colour as well as the default font used. You can also create a custom theme by selecting 'Custom' from the drop downlist.

Note that changing the Theme colours will only affect sections and chunks that haven't been coloured. And will not affect any text you have already entered.

The Themes available are:

  • Sonocent - This is the new default Theme with blue chunks and blue sections.
  • Classic - This is the Theme used in earlier versions of Audio Notetaker; blue chunks and yellow sections.
  • Rose - Purple chunks and pink sections.
  • High contrast - Bright yellow chunks and a dark blue sections. Ideally used along with Windows High Contrast Settings.
  • Custom - Choose your own colours.

Custom Themes

With a custom theme you can set:

Windows Themes

  • Font - change the default font used. This will be used for all new projects and when you Extract Text from slides
  • Text Colour - change the colour of the default font
  • Chunk Colour - change the default chunk colour used when you import and record audio
  • Background Colour - change the default colour of sections
  • Cursor Colour - change the colour of the Audio Pane cursor
  • Section Contrast - If you only have default section colours, alternate sections will be slightly darker. Use Section Contrast to make them even darker
  • Add Lines between Sections - You can add a line between sections
  • Add Shading to chunks - chunks can have a slight 3D shading
  • Foreground Colour - This will change the colour of the toolbar buttons
  • Background Colour - This will change the colour of the Tool bar, Side Bar and the area below your workspace.

You can also use Window's own settings to change your workspace colours - these will be applied to all applications.

Use the reset to Default button to reset your Custom Theme and set the current theme to 'Sonocent'

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