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Reference Guide: 10.6 General

Last Updated: May 10, 2017 12:33PM IST

Crash Recovery


This allows you to set how often Audio Notetaker takes a backup in case your system, or Audio Notetaker itself, shuts down unexpectedly. You can also turn the backup system off completely. See Recovery System


Update Notifications


This allows you to turn off the automatic update notification feature. It also allows you to set how often the server is contacted to see if a new update is available.


When we check for updates we will also upload your Usage Log. If you do not want to upload the log uncheck the box.


Multiple Windows


This allows you to choose what happens when you open an Audio Notetaker document from Windows Explorer or the Start Menu and you are already running Audio Notetaker. The default is simply to open a new tab in the existing Audio Notetaker window. If you would rather open a new Audio Notetaker window every time you can chose this instead, but we do not recommend it.


Home Tab


By default the Home Tab is displayed when you start Audio Notetaker (you will not be able to close this tab). Disabling this will start Audio Notetaker with just a new project tab open. You can also change this setting from the Alt menu: press the Alt key and go to Tools → Accessibility Options → Show Home Tab.

You can open the Home Tab at any time from the App Menu → Manage → Home Tab.

You can choose whether to open the Home Tab with the News Pane minimised (the default setting).

Menu Bar


By default the traditional Windows menus are hidden; you can access them by pressing the Alt key. This options allows you to select whether the Alt menus are visible at all times or whether they are only visible when Alt is pressed.

You can also change this setting from the Alt menu: press the Alt key and go to Tools → Accessibility Options → Always Show Alt Menu.


Speech Recognition


For Speech recognition to work we need to open a valid profile in the 3rd party software (Dragon NaturallySpeaking). You can manually close a profile from the Scribe button and with this option selected Audio Notetaker will close any profiles it has opened when we shut down.


Tool Bar


You can choose whether to display the button text on the tool bar.


StartUp Tabs

You can show the All Projects Files tab and/or the All Audio Files tab when Audio Notetaker starts.

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