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Last Updated: Sep 12, 2016 03:22PM IST


If you are a Dragon NaturallySpeaking user (Version 11 onwards, only Premium or Professional editions) then you can send your audio to be transcribed and get the text added to your Text or Reference Pane. The quality of the transcription will depend on the version of Dragon being used and how well Dragon has been trained to recognise the speakers voice.

To start using Scribe you need to first open a trained profile. Click the Scribe button and select Open/Configure Speech Recognition. Dragon may display various dialog boxes that you need to work through however you do not need to have the correct dictation source (microphone) connected for you profile and can cancel this dialog.

Once a profile is open you can choose what and how to Scribe your audio:

Scribe Selected Audio - This will transcribe any audio that you have selected in the Audio Pane.
Scribe All Audio - This will transcribe all the audio in your project. If you have a lot of audio this can take some time to complete.
Scribe Current Section -  This will transcribe the audio in the current section (from the Audio Pane cursor position).
Scribe By Colour - Selecting this will open a dialog allowing you to pick which audio colours to transcribe and whether to transcribe selected audio, all audio or the current section.
Settings - From settings you can choose whether to add the transcribed text to the Text or Reference Panes and whether to colour the text with the same colour as the audio chunks.

Once you have finished using Scribe you can close the profile; this can improve computer performance in some cases. Select Open/Configure Speech Recognition -> Close Profile

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