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5. Record a VOIP call

Last Updated: May 09, 2017 03:12PM IST

You can use record from your Microphone and Speakers at the same time allowing you to record Voice Over IP (VOIP) conversations; great for Skype!


By default Audio Notetaker sets it's recording devices to the defaults being used by Windows. These will not necessarily be the same as those being used by programs such as Skype.

  1. If you don’t have a Project tab, open a new one with the '+' tab or Home Tab → New Project → Blank Project or App Menu → New.

    You can also use the Home Tab → Recording from Microphone + Speakers button.

  2. Click the drop-down arrow below the Record button and select Microphone and Speakers.
  3. Use Record From to set the microphone and speakers to those being used by your VOIP application.
  4. Start recording - Press the record button or Ctrl+R. And begin your call.
  5. You can switch back to Audio Notetaker and see the audio chunks being created. Chunks coming from your speakers (the other side of the call) will be shaded.
  6. As topics change you can add sections by clicking on the Section button or pressing Enter.
  7. Use the colour key to mark the key points in the conversation.
  8. You can type brief text notes to go alongside your recording. With focus in the audio pane just start typing and everything will get added to the text pane.
  9. When you want to stop recording, press the Stop button or Ctrl+R.
  10. Fill in the Title, Topic and Speaker in the Tagging Fields and use the Save button or App Menu>Save As to save the recording as an Audio Notetaker Project.

Your recording can then be kept as a record of the conversation, or you can use Pause Mode or Scribe to create accurate minutes.

  • Recording an Interview? Add each question in to a new section before you start the call. Start recording in the first section and every-time you ask a new question insert a section break.
  • Recording a meeting? Break up your agenda so that each item is in a section, then as you move onto the next item insert a section break.

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