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Reference Guide: 1.1 Home Tab

Last Updated: Apr 06, 2018 06:39PM IST

The Home tab is the first page shown when you start Audio Notetaker.



You can choose whether to show the Home Tab on start-up from Settings → General or by pressing the Alt key and going to Tools → Accessibility Options.


The Home Tab is split into 3 parts;

  1. On the right there is the Help pane, where you can access useful resources, read our guides or get in touch.
  2. Next we have the news feed - You'll need to be on-line to get updates to what's going on at Sonocent. The News Pane is minimised by default; you can expand the news feed using the button at the bottom of the pane, or in settings.
  3. On the left we have the 'control' pane; there are various options down the left hand side each giving access to various Audio Notetaker features:

New Project

  • Blank Project - A new project with the recording device set to Microphone (the standard way to begin).
  • Learn - This opens the new Learn Tab with links to videos to help get you started.
  • Recording from Microphone and Speakers - A new project with the recording devices set to Microphone and Speakers (great for recording Skype).
  • Recording from Speakers Only - A new project with the recording device set to speakers (great for recording on-line content).
  • Import Audio - You'll be asked to find your audio file on your computer and that will be imported in to a new project.
  • Import Slides - You'll be asked to find your slides or PDF file on your computer and that wil be imported in to a new project.

Open Project

  • Open a Project - You'll be able to find you Audio Notetaker project file in a standard Explorer window.
  • View all Projects - This open the All Projects file manager tab showing all Audio Notetaker project files on your computer.
  • Recent Projects - This lists the last 10 projects opened in Audio Notetaker.




The Learn Tab gives you access to various resources to help you get the most out of Audio Notetaker:

  • Go to the Skills Portal on our website to work through our interactive tutorials
  • Start our short guided tour of the user interface
  • Why it works? - If you're on-line access our videos
  • Or take a look through our extensive KnowledgeBase


This short tour takes you through the key elements of Audio Notetaker. Click to start the free tour and you'll see a series of pop-out messages taking you through the user interface.​

Click Next (or press Enter) to move through the tour.​



  • Themes - Choose from several in-built colour themes for your Project tab or create your own.
  • Chunk Sizes - Change the height and width of the audio chunks.
  • Audio Files - Configure which audio file formats get converted and the conversion quality
  • History - View and edit the tag information you have used.
  • General - Change Audio Notetaker settings.

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