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Reference Guide: 1.5 Select Search Folders

Last Updated: May 10, 2017 01:08PM IST

The file manager does not check every folder in your computer for audio and Audio Notetaker files. It checks only:

  • Folders which you have already used from within Audio Notetaker
  • The default file copy location (Documents/Audio Notetaker Recordings unless you’ve changed it in App Menu>System>Options>Audio Files)
  • A Dropbox folder (if present)
  • And any other folders you add to the search list via App Menu → Manage → Select Search Folders or F6.

In the Select Search Folders dialogue, every folder that you've read from or written to in Audio Notetaker will be included by default, but you can easily remove the tick against any folder you want to exclude. (The exception is any folders written to with Save Selected Audio or Save Audio as Album – these will not be added to the search folder list.)


You can also add any number of additional folders. If you want to search your whole computer, just specify the highest level folder e.g. C: or Documents.


When you open the All Audio Files Tab or the All Projets Tab a file search will take place. After this initial search, Audio Notetaker will not search again until you request a refresh using the button on the tool bar, F5, or until you close and reopen the tab.

Changes to any of the files or folders that you make outside of Audio Notetaker File Manager will not be reflected in the file list unless you request a refresh.

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