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Reference Guide: 2.1 Device Selection

Last Updated: May 05, 2015 01:11PM IST

As well as importing an existing audio file, you can record audio live using the Record button

You can only record into a blank section, or onto the end of a section which already has audio in.

You can choose what to record; there are three options (choose from the drop down menu):

  1. Microphone Only – Records audio from your computers built in microphone or external microphone, if you have one connected.
  2. Microphone and Speakers – Records both! Microphone and what is on your computer’s speakers or headphones.
  3. Speakers Only – records what is playing on your computer’s speakers or headphones.

To check which device(s) you are actually recording from, choose 'Record From' from the drop down menu; You will see all input devices and output devices listed, with the ones you are about to record from selected.

Every time you open a new tab, it will automatically set up to record from the Windows Default devices. If these are not ones you want to record from, you can change to any microphone or playback device on the list. This is particularly important when recording from Skype, as your Skype headset or phone may not be set up as the Windows default device.


Home Tab

The Home Tab has three different options for a New Project which automatically set whether you record from the microphone, speakers or both. Once the project tab is open you have full control to select a different option and alter the specific devices used for recording.

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