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Reference Guide: 2.2 Audio Setup

Last Updated: Jan 29, 2017 07:04PM GMT


  1. Audio Notetaker will now record into the Opus format, see Opus Encoding for more information.
  2. You can allow Audio Notetaker to set the recording level automatically (on the Record button drop down menu), or you can set it manually yourself through Windows Sound settings (see below).
  3. Some digital recorders (e.g. the Olympus DM-670 and DM-450) have a menu setting that allows you to use them as a microphone when connected to your PC. You will need to find the "USB" menu setting and select "USB Composite Device". On the DM670 - Press the menu button, scroll down and select Device Menu → USB Settings → USB Class → Composite.
  4. If your recording device also has playback ability (speaker or headphone jack) then you may need to change Windows default playback device when you listen back to your recordings.
  5. You can control the amount of disk space used per hour of audio in App Menu → System → Settings → Recording Quality.
  6. Audio Notetaker will disable Windows Microphone Enhancements by default while recording, as they may interfere with Sonocent Clear Lecture™ processing. This setting is compatible with Windows 8.1 and later. If your recordings have a watery sound, check that the setting isn't unticked in App Menu → System → Settings → Audio Files.


Setting Windows Default Audio Devices


Every time you open a new tab in Audio Notetaker the recording device selected is whichever one is the Windows Default. You can set your default devices by right clicking the speaker icon in your Windows task bar and selecting either Playback or Recording Devices.


Note: The Recording device will be the device used for microphone recording, and Playback device will be the one used for ‘Audio Output’ recording.

Clicking Properties for the selected device will allow you to alter the input volume. If you have turned off 'Set Recording Level Automatically' then set the level such that during normal recording, you get at least 3 bars. If at the maximum level you still can’t get 3 bars, try to get nearer to the speaker. Audio Notetaker has a recording level indicator at the bottom of the screen so you can continue to monitor the recording level once you’ve started recording.

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