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Reference Guide: 3.2 Importing Audio From A Digital Recorder

Last Updated: May 05, 2015 01:49PM IST

You can use Audio Notetaker to transfer your recordings from your digital recorder and import the file into an Audio Notetake Project.


Your recorder needs to be set up as either a USB Mass Storage Device or a USB Composite Device to be recognised. A few manufacturers use their own connection methods instead of the standardised USB method. If your device doesn’t appear in the Portable Devices Tab, you can go into the “settings” of your portable device where you should find a menu which allows you to change to connecting as a USB device. If you don’t, you will need to transfer the files to your computer using the tools recommended by the manufacturer, and import them into Audio Notetaker once transferred. You will also need to do this if your recorder uses an unsupported audio format - the manufacturer’s file transfer tool should offer conversion into one of the supported formats whilst it does the copy.


The Portable Device Manager Tab should open automatically when you connect your device, or it can be opened from App Menu → Manage → View Portable Devices or Home Tab → Transfer → Transfer from Portable Device.



The Portable Device view shows all the devices you have plugged in and is intended to help you manage your digital recorder, memory sticks or Sonocent Recorder Apps. The devices are shown on the left, and all the supported audio files on the selected device on the right. If you want to listen to one, just select it and use the audio playback controls to play/skip etc.


The main purpose of this view is to make it easy to copy your files from your digital recorder to your computer disk. You can select any number of the files and then press “Copy Selected”, and the files will be copied to “My Documents/Audio Notetaker Recordings” (unless you set your default folder otherwise in App Menu → System → Options → Audio Files Folder). You can also copy them all with “Copy All” – don’t worry if you’ve already copied some of them, you won’t get two copies on your disk. Once you are confident you understand what is happening, you can tick “Delete from device after copying” to clear your recorder once the files are safely on your hard-drive.


After copying to disk, Audio Notetaker will show an All Audio Files tab showing all the files copied. You can select a file(s) and choose 'Import Into' on the Toolbar to import your audio file into a new Project or a Project you already have open.


You can also use the Portable Device view to transfer your Sonocent Recorder files to Audio Notetaker - see here for more information.

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