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Reference Guide: 3.3 Importing a File from your computer

Last Updated: Nov 25, 2015 12:46PM GMT

Unless you are recording live, you will need to import your audio into Audio Notetaker. If you have recorded using the Sonocent Recorder App see here for how to transfer your files, if you have files on a digital recorder then you can transfer them to your computer first.


There are four ways to import audio:

  1. From the Home Tab select New Project → Import Audio and browse to your audio file. A new project wil be created with your audio file(s).
  2. If you have a project tab open, Click on the import button:



    and select Import Audio (Ctrl K);and choose the file(s) you would like to open. Your audio will be added to the current project, at the end of the section where the audio pane cursor is.
  3. Drag and drop an audio file onto Audio Notetaker; you will need to drop the file on the tool bar rather than the Audio Pane. Your audio will be added to the current project, at the end of the section where the audio pane cursor is.
  4. If you have the All audio files tab open, you can simply select one or more files, then double click or press Enter to import into a new workspace tab. To import into a new or an existing tab, select one or more files and click the Import Into button on the toolbar. If you import into an open project then the audio will be added into the section after the last one containing audio (new sections will be created as needed).

Multiple files can be imported into the same tab by selecting more than one file in the normal way i.e. holding the Ctrl key during selection. Multiple files are always imported in time order, which is not necessarily the order they appear in the list. On importing, a section break will be inserted between each file.


A progress bar is shown in the bottom of the window. This displays how much of the import has completed, and a button for aborting the import. If you abort, you will still have access to the audio already imported.


By default Audio Notetaker will convert all imported audio in to the Opus format - Audio Notetaker will never alter the original audio file in any way.

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