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Reference Guide: 4.1 Audio Chunks

Last Updated: Aug 24, 2016 10:45AM IST

As audio is imported into Audio Notetaker it is analysed and broken into chunks. Speakers naturally pause when talking. These pauses are automatically picked up by Audio Notetaker and each break in speech is displayed as a gap in the line of the recording to create the chunks. This enables the user to navigate through the recording easily.

The screenshot below shows a 3 minute file imported into Audio Notetaker. Each chunk is represented by a thick blue line, proportional to the length of the chunk. Each chunk is approximately a phrase of speech. Because the segmentation is an automatic process, Audio Notetaker will not always place the break where a human listener would. Although you can add and remove breaks quite easily (see Editing for more details), you shouldn't need to do this very often.

When recording audio from your computers output and a microphone then the audio chunks will be shaded, as above, for any chunks where audio has been recorded from the computers output.

  • A Shaded chunk – audio from computer output and microphone (if any)
  • An unshaded chunk – audio from microphone only

The size and scale of the audio chunks can be adjusted from the App Menu → System → Settings → Chunk Sizes. The default colouring of the audio pane can be adjusted in App Menu → System → Settings → Themes.


You can reduce the silences between chunks by using Trim Silences on the Audio Side Bar.

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