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Reference Guide: 6.2 Importing Slides

Last Updated: May 10, 2017 12:39PM IST

If you have PowerPoint (2002) or later installed on your computer, you can usually import a whole PowerPoint presentation in one go using the import button and choosing Import Slides.


If there aren’t enough sections, new sections will be created to allow one slide per section.

Note that you do not need to have PowerPoint activated, you only need it installed - the trial version that comes pre-installed with most PCs is sufficient.

You can also import slides in PDF format1.

If Import Slides does not work, you can normally use PowerPoint to save the file as a PDF. If you have an older version of PowerPoint then you will need to print the slides to a PDF file using a PDF printer like CutePDF, and then import the PDF file. Otherwise, you have two other choices:

  • Ensure the Image Pane is visible with the first button on the pane selector, then copy one slide at a time from the slide sorter in PowerPoint. You should be able to drag and drop into the image pane, but if that doesn’t work you can use copy and paste.
  • In PowerPoint you can Save As or Export as images. You can then load them into Audio Notetaker using the import button and choosing import images; selecting all the images at once (Ctrl-A is good for doing this).

If you do end up using copy and paste, you can save time if you paste into the image pane with a single click by holding the Ctrl key down as you click the mouse.

You can also record your own presentations; displaying the slides in Audio Notetaker or PowerPoint while recording your audio presentation. See the tutorial Presentation Capture

Realigning Images

Moving Multiple Images

If you click near the top of a slide, that slide, and all the slides below it, will be darkened. This indicates that you can then drag them to a new position, either down or up. If up, you will overwrite any slides already there. The keyboard alternative to dragging with the mouse is to select a slide, then use Ctrl Up Arrow and Ctrl Down Arrow to move that slide, and all the slides below it, up and down.

Cut, Copy and Paste

You can use the usual Cut, Copy and Paste to move images around. These are available on the context (right-click) menu or with the usual shortcuts, Ctrl+x (cut), Ctrl+c (copy) and Ctrl+v (paste).


Drag and Drop

You can drag and drop images. If you drop onto an empty section then the image will be moved. If you drop onto a section that already has an image then the two images will swap positions.


1PDF technology powered by PDFNet SDK from PDFTron

Extracting Text

You can right-click on a slide and choose 'Extract Slide Text' to copy the text into the Text Pane or Reference Pane. We've also added the Extract Text option into the Image tab in the side panel.

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