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Reference Guide 11.5 Quick Access Keys

Last Updated: May 22, 2019 10:33AM IST

As well as the shortcut keys that can be used in an Audio Notetaker project users can use the keyboard to access the traditional Windows menus.

These menus can be displayed by pressing the ALT key or can always be shown in Settings.

You can use the arrow keys to navigate through these menus or use the quick key shortcuts below:


File Menu -> ALT F

Function Key Combination Description
New ALT F, N Opens a new project tab
Open ALT F, O Open an existing Project
Open Append ALT F, D Opens an existing document and appends it
Import ALT F, I Opens Import Menu
     Audio Files ALT F, I, A Imports an audio file
     Slides or PDF's ALT F, I, S Imports PowerPoint slides or PDF document
     Images ALT F, I, I Imports image files
     Transcription ALT F, I, T Imports a Transcription
Export ALT F, E Opens Export Menu
     Audio as Album ALT F, E, A Exports your audio as an album
     Album to iTunes ALT F, E, I Exports your audio as an album in iTunes
     Selected Audio ALT F, E, S Exports the selected audio as a single file
     Audio and Images as Video ALT F, E, V Creates a video with your audio and images
     Text and Images ALT F, E, T Creates an RTF file with your image and text
     Use Playback Settings for Export ALT F, E, P Applies any settings (speed, volume, noise cancellation etc) to your exported audio
Close ALT F, C Closes the current project
Save ALT F, S Saves the current project
Save As ALT F, A Saves the current project with a new filename
Page Setup ALT F, U Configure the page settings for printing
Print Preview ALT F, V Preview the project before printing
Print ALT F, P Prints the current project
Properties ALT F, R View the status of the audio files in the current project
Exit ALT F, X Closes Audio Notetaker


Edit Menu -> ALT E

Function Key Combination Description
Undo ALT E, U Undo last action
Redo ALT E, R ReDo last action
Cut ALT E, U Cuts selected content and places on clipboard
Copy ALT E, C Copies selected content onto clipboard
Copy All Text and Images ALT E, T Copies all Images and text (visible panes) and places on clipboard
Paste ALT E, P Pastes clipboard contents
Delete ALT E, D Deleted selected content
Select All ALT E, A From Audio and Image Pane - selects entire project
From Text and Ref Panes - selects entire 'cell'
Find ALT E, F Opens the Search bar to find whole words
Edit Tags ALT E, G Edit Title, Topic, Speaker and Date of project
Extract Text: All Slides ALT E, S Copies any accessible text from all slides in the Image Pane into the Text or Reference Pane with focus.
Extract Text: This Slide ALT E, I Copies any accessible text from the slide in the current sections Image Pane into the Text or Reference Pane.
Push Text to Section Below ALT E, H Moves any text after the cursor into the start of the next section


View Menu -> ALT V

Function Key Combination Description
Images Pane ALT V, I Opens Image Pane Menu
     Hide ALT V, I, H Hides Image Pane
     Show ALT V, I, S Shows Image Pane
     Truncate ALT V, I, T Minimises height of Image Pane
Reference Pane ALT V, E Open Reference Pane Menu
     Hide ALT V, E, H Hides Reference Pane
     Show ALT V, E, S Shows Reference Pane
     Truncate ALT V, E, T Minimises height of Reference Pane
Text Pane ALT V, T Open Text Pane Menu
     Hide ALT V, T, H Hides Text Pane
     Show ALT V, T, S Shows Text Pane
     Truncate ALT V, T, T Minimises height of Text Pane
Audio Pane ALT V, A Opens Audio Pane Menu
     Hide ALT V, A, H Hides Audio Pane
    Show ALT V, A, S Shows Audio Pane
    Zoom Out ALT V, A, Z Switches to the 'zoomed' setting for the Audio Pane
    Show Timecode ALT V, A, T Displays the Section Numbering and Time Codes in the Audio Pane.
Move Focus Left ALT V, L Moves the Pane with focus to the left
Move Focus Right ALT V, R Moves the Pane with focus to the right
Full Screen ALT V, F Switches to Audio Notetaker's Full Screen view


Audio Menu -> ALT A

Function Key Combination Description
Play ALT A, P Plays audio from cursor position
Record ALT A, R Records audio at end of current section
Record Options ALT A, O Open Record Option menu to select recording device(s)
     Mic Only ALT A, O,M Sets recording to microphone only
     Mic And Audio Output ALT A, O, A Sets recording to microphone AND computer output
     Audio Output Only ALT A, O, O Sets recording to computer output only
     Record From ALT A, O, F Opens device selection menu to set specific device(s) to record from
          Device Selection ALT A, O, F (use arrow keys to select or M and S to cycle through) All compatible recording devices are listed. Use the arrow keys to select the required device or use the initial letter. M will normally cycle through all microphones and S will cycle through output devices.
     Set Recording Level Automatically ALT A, O, L Automatically adjusts the recording volume for quieter recordings
Skip Forwards ALT A, F Skips to the beginning of the next audio chunk
Skip Backwards ALT A, B Skips to the beginning of the current audio chunk or, if already at the beginning, to the start of the previous chunk
Stop ALT A, S Stops recording
Speed Up ALT A, U Increase the playback speed
Slow Down ALT A, L Decreases the playback speed
Increase Volume ALT A, I Increases the playback volume
Decrease Volume ALT A, D Decreases the playback volume
Pause Mode Playback ALT A, M Activates Pause Mode
Clean-Up ALT A, C Opens the Audio Clean-up menu
     Noise & Cancellation ALT A, C, N Reduces background noise during playback
     Click & Reduction ALT A, C, C Reduces typing and click noise during playback
     Low & Frequency Cut ALT A, C, L Removes low frequency noise during playback 
     High & Frequency Cut ALT A, C, H Removes high frequency noise during playback 
     Thinner ALT A, C, T Gradually reduces low frequency noise during playback 
     Brighter ALT A, C, B Brightens the audio during playback
     Adjust Volume Automatically ALT A, C, V Automatically adjusts the playback volume to a consistent level 
     Playback in Mono ALT A, C, M Plays your audio in mono
Voice Shift ALT A, V Opens the Voice Shift menu
     Effects ALT A, V (use arrow keys to select or initial letter; N, D, H) Apply voice effects during playback. Select from Deepest, Deeper, Normal, Higher or Highest.


Format Menu -> ALT O

Function Key Combination Description
Insert Section Break ALT O, N Inserts a section break at audio position
Remove Section Break ALT O, R Remove section break above current section
Insert Section Above ALT O, O Inserts section above current section
Insert Section Below ALT O, W Inserts section below current section
Select Section ALT O, C Selects all panes in current section
Adjust Boundaries ALT O, B Open boundary menu
     Push Audio ALT O, B, P Moves all audio in current section, after cursor, into the start of the next section
     Push Audio Back ALT O, B, B Moves all audio in current section, before cursor, into the end of the previous section
Split Chunk ALT O, T Splits the current chunk at the cursor position
Trim Silence ALT O, L Reduces silences between selected chunk
Merge Chunks ALT O, M Combines the selected chunks into one
Select Colour Template ALT O, T Open the template menu listing all available colour templates
      Select Template ALT O, T (use arrow keys to select) Use the arrow keys (or initial letters) to move through available templates
Audio/Text Colours ALT O, A Shows the current Audio/text colours for the template in use
     Select Colour ALT O, A (use arrow keys to select) Use the arrow keys (or initial letters) to move through available colours
Section Colours ALT O, S Shows the current section colours for the template in use
     Select Colours ALT O, S (use arrow keys to select) Use the arrow keys (or initial letters) to move through available colours
Continuous Colouring ALT O, U Turns continuos colouring off/on
Edit ColourColor Key ALT O, E  Allows you to alter the current ColourColor Key template, remove temples or add new templates
Text ALT O, X Opens the Text formatting menu
     Font ALT O, X, F Allows you to alter the font, font size and style
     Superscript ALT O, X, S Applies superscript to the selected text
     Subscript ALT O, X, U Applies Subscript to the selected text
     List ALT O, X, L Open the list formatting menu
          Bullets ALT O, X, L, B Applies bullets to the selected text
          1. 2. 3. ALT O, X, L, 1 Applies the numbered list to the selected text
          a. b. c. ALT O, X, L, 2 Applies a lower-case alphabetical list to the selected text
          A. B. C. ALT O, X, L, 3 Applies an upper-case alphabetical list to the selected text
          i. ii. iii. ALT O, X, L, 4 Applies a lower-case roman numeral list to the selected text
          I. II. III. ALT O, X, L, 5 Applies an upper-case roman numeral list to the selected text
     Set Numbering Value ALT O, X, N Allows you to alter the numbering value of an item in a list
     Increase Indent ALT O, X, I Increases the indent of selected text
     Decrease Indent ALT O, X, D Decreases the indent of selected text


Manage Menu -> ALT M

Function Key Combination Description
View Home Screen ALT M, H Switches to or opens the Home Tab
View Projects ALT M, P Opens a tab viewing all project files
View Audio Files ALT M, A Opens a tab viewing audio files
View Portable Devices ALT M, D Opens a tab to allow you to manage audio files on a digital recorder and transfer project files from the Sonocent Recorder App (IOS and Android)
Search Projects ALT M, C Opens a tab allowing you to search projects for key words
Selected Files ALT M, S In the manager tabs you can perform actions on selected files
     Open ALT M, S, O Opens the selected Project file
     Import Into ALT M, S, I Imports the selected audio file into an open project
     Append ALT M, S, A With multiple projects selected opens them all in a single workspace
     Copy ALT M, S, C Copies files from a portable device or App to your computer
     Copy and Open ALT M, S, P Copies a project file from the App and opens it in a new workspace
     Rename ALT M, S, R Renames the selected file
     Delete ALT M, S, D Deletes the selected file
     Find Lost Files ALT M, S, F With Linked Audio you can locate missing audio files
     Show in Explorer ALT M, S, X Displays the selected file in a standard Windows Explorer window
Refresh File Search ALT M, R Refreshed the file list in the manager tabs
Select Search Folders ALT M, E Allows you to add or remove folders from the search options


Tools Menu -> ALT T

Function Key Combination Description
Settings ALT T, S Allows you to configure the appearance and settings of Audio Notetaker
Record Presentation ALT T, R Allows you to capture a presentation in Audio Notetaker displaying slides in Audio Notetaker or in PowerPoint
Check Spelling ALT T, K Checks the spelling in the current Project
Capture Screen ALT T, C Opens Screen Capture allowing you to take still images from your computer
Audio Replace ALT T, A Allows you to replace the audio in the current Project with an alternative file
Extract ALT T, X Allows you to extract specific coloured chunks or sections to a new project file
     Audio ALT T, X, A Extracts specific coloured audio chunks from the current project
     Sections ALT T, X, S Extracts specific coloured sections from the current project
Speak ALT T, E Opens the Speak menu
     Turn Text To Speech On/Off ALT T, E, S Starts speaking text from the current cursor position
     Speak All Text ALT T, E, X Speaks all text in the project (visible panes only)
     Send Speech To Audio Pane ALT T, E, A Sends the selected text or the text in the current 'cell' as audio to the Audio Pane
     Send All Speech To Audio Pane ALT T, E, U Send all the text in the Project (visible panes only) as audio to the Audio Pane
     Speech Settings ALT T, E, P Opens Windows settings allowing you to change the voice used for Speak
Scribe ALT T, B  Use Dragon NaturallySpeaking to transcribe your audio
     Open/Configure Speech Recognition ALT T, B, O Open, close or change the Dragon Profile in use
     Scribe Selected Audio ALT T, B, S Scribes the selected audio chunks
     Scribe All Audio ALT T, B, A Scribes all the audio in the project
     Scribe Current Section ALT T, B, C Scribes the audio in the current section
     Scribe By Colour ALT T, B, B Allows you to choose specific colours to scribe - you have the option to scribe selected audio, all audio or the current section
     Settings ALT T, B, E Opens the scribe settings menu
          Send To Text Pane ALT T, B, E, T Send the scribed text to the end of the Text Pane
          Send To Reference Pane ALT T, B, E, R Send the scribed text to the end of the Reference Pane
          Colour Text with Chunk Colour ALT T, B, E, C Colours the scribed text with the same colour as the audio chunk
View Usage Log ALT T, U View what actions are being logged.


Help Menu -> ALT H

Function Key Combination Description
User Guide ALT H, G Opens the in-built User Guide
Tutorial ALT H, T Opens the Tutorial Audio Notetaker Project
Video Guides ALT H, V Switches to the Home Tab showing the on-line video guides
Resources ALT H, R Goes to the Sonocent website, in your browser, showing useful guides, case studies and downloadable resources
Check for Updates ALT H, U Checks our website for updates
Locate User Data ALT H, D Opens a Windows Explorer window showing the 3 user data files
Change Licence Key ALT H, L Allows you to swap your licence key
Provide Feedback ALT H, F Launches an on-line form for you to send us feedback
About Audio Notetaker ALT H, A This brings up two tabs; the first shows the version of Audio Notetaker you have installed and your Licence Key. The Second shows the terms and conditions of the software licence


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