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Reference Guide: 4.16 Audio Linking

Last Updated: Jan 12, 2018 11:59AM GMT

You can now create direct links between your Text and the Audio Chunks in a project. 


Creating Links

  1. Recording - Whilst recording we create a link between the audio chunks and any text that you enter.

  2. Typing from the Audio Pane - If you have focus in the Audio Pane and start typing, your text is automatically added to the Text Pane, and now a link will be created at the same time.

  3. Playback - You can create links at any time by using the Create button on the Text Side Bar. And you can remove links by using the Remove button on the Text and Audio Side Bar. Note: These buttons are only shown when you have enabled View Links.
    • To create a link, position the Audio cursor at the chunk you want to link. Then highlight the text and click the Create Link button
    • To remove a link, highlight the audio or text and click the Remove Link button - both links will be deleted.
      Note: You cannot manually create links to content in the Image Pane.

Viewing Links

To view the links click on the link button in any of the Pane headers:

  • Hovering over Audio will highlight links in your text or Scribbles.
  • Hovering over text will highlight links in your audio.
  • Selecting linked text or linked audio chunks will highlight the link with darker shading.

Links are displayed with background shading:

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